Jay of J Made Creations

I love creating, whether it be with fabric or yarn. Growing up surrounded by the talents of my Mum and Grans as elite sewists, the creative bug was naturally inherited! I never learnt to crochet, only to knit and sew, but late 2018, I taught myself to crochet and was totally hooked (pun intended!).

Working with yarn, whether it be a gorgeously coloured acrylic, a stunningly soft alpaca or a luxurious cashmere, they all make my heart sing.

J Made was born when making blankets and toys for the grandchildren. It enables me to combine my love for creating and passion for teaching. Watching others learn new skills and find joy in their own amazing creations brings me great pleasure. Join me in a class or grab some yarns and accessories and let’s get creative!

Stay Awesome!

My philosophy

As a passionate teacher, I am always striving to empower others to create whether it be at my day job or teaching craft classes.

I love meeting people of all ages and abilities.

Creative people are incredibly talented, have a great story to tell, and I am constantly inspired by them.

Time flies when I create, and create with others.

Being able to teach others, who walk away with a new skill from a class, have a good laugh and they too are inspired to make their own creations that can be loved or shared with others is always a good day.

Life is simply too short and I encourage everyone to find their own awesome when creating.

As I always say, Stay Awesome!